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Roger Stritmatter is a talented writer and truly creative scholar who expresses himself in ways that people can understand…His work possesses the originality and insightfulness usually associated with older scholars possessing deserved international reputations…He attempts to communicate and create the exchange of ideas rather than impress and distance. This comes from a real interest in other people. As a colleague and a friend, I recommend him strongly and without reservations. He will be an asset to your department….

-- Professor Thomas C. Patterson,
Temple University

2001 PhD, Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
1988 MA, Anthropology, with honors, The New School for Social Research.
1986 Graduate, City University of New York, Greek Institute.
1981 BA, Psychology and Anthropology, The Evergreen State College.
1977 Diploma, Lake Washington High School.


2004 to Present


Assistant Professor of Humanities and English, Coppin State College. Teach Shakespeare (English 354), Introductory Latin (101, 102), and The Old Testament as Literature and History (English 393).

to 2004

Instructor, Coppin State College. Taught composition (English 101, 102), Literary Genres (English 207), and Critical Writing (English 208).


Instructor, Central Texas College. Taught English, Composition, and Anthropology on board US Navy ships on deployment.


Instructor for Learning Skills, Inc. Amherst MA. Taught reading and study skills to College Freshman.

to 2000

Instructor, Eugene M. Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Taught Business Communication (SOM 310).

1992 to

Teaching Associate, University Writing Program, UMass Amherst. Taught Freshman Composition (English 112) and Computer Composition (English 113).

1990 to

Teaching Assistant, Department of Comparative Literature, UMass Amherst. Taught and assisted courses including Spiritual Autobiography, Good and Evil, and Literature and Ethics.

2001 to

Vice-President for Outreach and Public Education & Webmaster, The Shakespeare Fellowship. Established and assist in judging the Fellowship's annual High School Essay Contest.

2001 to

Editorial Associate, Shakespeare Matters.
1991 to

Dramaturgical consultant for Hampshire Shakespeare Co.. Dramaturge for Comedy of Errors, summer 1992 Season; Hamlet, summer 1994 season; Measure for Measure, summer 1995 season, etc.

2001 Nominee, Bernheimer Award for the best PhD in Comparative Literature.
1999 Recipient, Edward de Vere Studies Conference Award for Scholarly Excellence.
1985 Winner, Dialectical Anthropology Essay Contest.
1977 Invited Participant, Centrum Foundation Fiction and Arts Collaboration workshops.
1972 First prize, Mercy Hospital Jr. High School Science Contest.


Experienced and skilled instructor of composition, literature, and literary history; extensive familiarity with college curriculum in English, Anthropology and Comparative Literature; knowledge of modern communications and design, including HTML, LAN-based writing curriculum, and Power Point; empathic communicator.

Publications and Lectures


Roger Stritmatter has authored over thirty publications and public lectures on Shakespeare, Renaissance studies, biblical influences in Shakespeare, literary history, semiotics, and censorship, including:
  "A Note on the Undocumented Influence of Erasmus' "Naufragium" and Richard Eden's 1555 Decades of the New World on Shakespeare's Tempest." With Lynne Kositsky. Virtual Classroom, The Shakespeare Fellowship. May 25, 2005.
  "A Law Case In Verse: Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis and the Shakespearean Question," University of Tennessee Law Review. Fall 2004.
  "A Law Case In Verse: Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis and the Shakespearean Question," Invited Lecture, University of Tennessee Law School Symposium on Shakespearean Authorship, June 2004.
  "Minerva's Pyramid: The Esoteric Semiotics of Henry Peacham's Minerva Britanna," power point presentation to the 8th Annual de Vere Studies Conference, Concordia University, Portland Oregon. April 2004.
  "Shakespeare and the King James Bible," paper to the 7th Annual de Vere Studies Conference, Concordia University, Portland Oregon (2003).

"Review of An Anatomy of the Marprelate Controversy 1588-1596" (Edwin Mellen Press, 2001), Shakespeare Matters (1:3, Spring 2002).

  "'God Bless Captain Vere!': Billy Budd, The Critics, and the Shakespeare Question" (under review).
  "'Old' and 'New' Law in Merchant of Venice," Notes and Queries 245:1 (March 2000), 70-72.
  "The Source of Harry of Cornwall's Theological Doctrine," Notes and Queries 246: 3 (September 2001), 280-282.

"By Providence Divine: Shakespeare's Awareness of Some Geneva Marginal Notes of I Samuel," Notes and Queries 245:1 (March 2000) , 97-100.


"The Not-Too-Hidden Key to Minerva Britanna: The Latin Phrase, 'By the Mind 'I' Shall Be Seen' May Mean Just That," Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter 36:2 (Summer 2000), 1, 9-15, 17.


"Love's Labor's Lost: What Happened at the Stationers' Register from 1571-1576?" Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter 35:4 (Winter 2000), 15.


Invited panelist, Shakespeare and Religion Panel, co-sponsored by Boston College and the Shakespeare Oxford Society, November 12 1999.


"We Have Met the Enemy: A Review of Leah Marcus' Puzzling Shakespeare: Local Reading and Its Discontents," The Oxfordian II (1999), 154-161.


"The Heavenly Treasure of Sonnets 48 and 52,"Notes and Queries 244:2 (June 1999), 226-28.

  "A New Biblical Source for Shakespeare's Concept of 'All Seeing Heaven," Notes and Queries 244:2 (June 1999), 207-209.

"'He That Takes the Pain to Pen the Book': Edward de Vere's Dedicatory Poem in Cardanus Comforte (1573)," The Oxfordian I (1998), 53-61.


"Shakespeare and the Law: A Review-Essay of Daniel Kornstein's Kill All the Lawyers? (1996)," SOS Newsletter, Summer 1997 (33:3).


"The Influence of a Genevan Note from Romans 7.19 on Shake-Speare's Sonnet 151," Notes and Queries 242:4 (December 1997), 514-516.


"The Five Acts of Measure for Measure," paper for the 21st Annual Shakespeare Oxford Society.


"Shakespeare's Censored Personality: A Review Essay of Annabel Patterson's Censorship and Interpretation." The Elizabethan Review (Summer 1995) 3:2.

  Review of Naseeb Shaheen's Biblical References in Shakespeare's Comedies (1993), Autumn 1995 The Elizabethan Review.

"Shakespeare's Bible: Evidence, Answers and Questions," Colloquium of the English Department of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, March 15, 1994.


"Edward De Vere's Geneva Bible: A Rosetta Stone in the Shakespeare Authorship Controversy," paper for the 18th Annual Conference of The Shakespeare Oxford Society, Carmel Ca. September 1994.


"Shakespeare's Missing Personality: A Review Essay of Shakespeare's Personality" (Holland, Homans and Paris Eds). The Elizabethan Review (Fall 1993) 1:2, pp. 65-74.


"Shakespeare's Bible," invited lecture, The Huntington Library Brown Bag Seminar, January 1993 (at the invitation of the late William Moffitt).

  "Shakespeare and the Geneva Bible," invited lecture, Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable, January 1993.

"Oedipus, Akhnaton and the Greek State," Dialectical Anthropology (12), 1987.



References Available on Request.