May 27, 2005

I think I'll keep the pookie.

Almost a year has gone by without a blog. My only excuse is that the site was not up and running, so there was no incentive to write. And, of course, I have been busy with many other writing projects. My first truly significant work on Shakespeare -- discounting the dissertation, is just now in press with the University of Tenneseee Law Review and should hit the newstands any day now.

The article represents many years of disciplined work, including research going back to the early 1990's when I was just starting my PhD program at the University of Massachusetts, all condensed and packed into fifty pages of terse academic prose with some nifty illustrations for those who like to think with pictures. I prefer to think the prose is not that bad for being academic, but the bottom line is that all writing, if you want to polish it until it glows with clarity, is hard work.

Today I also completed revisions on my electronic cv.

I enjoy writing in HTML. My mind works best in a multidimensional mode. As much as I love books, the two dimensions of the traditional book culture now seem confining and unexciting.

On, the other hand, I have been rereading Strunk and White's Elements of Style with renewed respect. It seems to have everything you need in eighty-five pages. O, sure, there are the newer books which may have something pert to add on the philosophy of writing -- Writing Down the Bones or Write Brain! (I made that one up) -- but all the essentials truly are put down in black and white in Strunk's "little book." So whether one is writing for the web or for more traditional print media, you still need to have the book, and read it.

Still, I think I'll keep the pookie.



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