June 1, 2004


Five Stars for Pookie



I’ve been experimenting with typefaces.


Here, for example, is Pookie, 22 point.  Pookie has both periods, and commas.  This makes it an excellent typeface for authoring: one can employ both the “full stop,” and the gliding pause. Without those two elements of punctuation which are not found, for example, in Decadence in the dark and similar faces of a non-literary nature, the writer is thrown back into the antediluvian style of the ancients.  Without the comma, he is lost in the dark, starless, without a direction in which to roam or a place to lay his head should he decide to rest instead.


Pookie also has a quaintly 1960’s air to it, in which the present writer takes some pleasure.


All in all, I must say that my experience with Pookie merits five stars.  I may not have written the Odyssey, but the voyage has been worth the expense.  You can download Pookie, free of charge from the good folks at Emerald City Fontwerks in Seattle, Wa.  Enjoy!



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