Praxis Preparation

The overarching goal of this proposal is to improve the effectiveness of middle and high school mathematics teachers in Baltimore City Public Schools. Twenty four teachers will be recruited to participate in a 16-month program at Coppin State University. The program will enhance the skills of mathematic teachers who have passed the content knowledge of Praxis II. Over the course of the program period, starting February 2014 and ending June 2015, teachers will spend at least 90 contact hours of content and related pedagogy pro- fessional development activities in mathematics to gain the knowledge and skills that will help students meet Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and other State academic standards. The Mathematics Assessment Project(MAP) has developed the Classroom Challenges to exemplify the types of activities needed to supplement traditional classroom practice and support the Standards. The professional development will use the Modules of the MAP designed to help teachers with the practical and pedagogical challenges presented by these lessons. Professional development will focus on successful research based instructional strategies by the AmericanMathematical Society including learning community where teachers focus deeply on one topic for a period of time and lesson study where teachers jointly plan, observe, analyze, and refine actual classroom lessons. It will include opportunities for teachers to discuss student learning in mathematics, common student misconceptions, the ways that ideas in the CCSS are related to and build upon one another, and the most useful representations, and strategies for teaching mathematics to middle and high school students.

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