Summer Math CAMP Program

Project Abstract:

This CPIP grant is a partnership between Coppin State University’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Carver Vocational-Technical High School, Coppin Academy High School and Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy (West Campus). The Coppin After-School Math Program (CAMP) will target 75 high school students and provide them with in-depth academic support to prepare them for college. The CAMP program will focus on the following priorities:

• Provide students with in-depth tutoring in Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry as well as provide research experience in mathematical concepts so they will be prepared to take advanced and college-level mathematics.

• Prepare students to take the SAT by making available in-depth tutoring using SAT preparation materials such as the College Board’s “Official SAT Study Guide” and Khan Academy.

• Deliver workshops to increase students’ knowledge of the inter-relationship between career goals, high school and college courses, and postsecondary education attainment.

• Conduct workshops for students to ensure their understanding of the college application process/admissions, financial aid and scholarship processes.

• Provide students with realistic information about the academic and social skills needed to succeed in college through their participation in campus visits, tours, and discussions with college students.

• Cultivate relationships with students to foster in them a belief that they would be accepted and welcomed into a college environment by providing on-campus experiences, including interactions with college students and faculty.

The overarching goal of the CAMP program is to prepare these students for successful postsecondary education and to expose them to promising careers in mathematical sciences and other STEM areas.

A partnership between the Mathematics & Computer Science Department at Coppin State University(CSU) together with Coppin Academy High School and Carver Vocational-Technical High School. This exciting alliance is our way, at Coppin State University, to continue to identify and address the needs of our student body, particularly within our ever-changing mathematics and computer science department. This collaboration contains the academic sentiment of our administration and seeks to carry out the institutional mission that we promised our community. This project is intended to serve as the first of several partnerships with nearby well-established secondary and postsecondary institutions, which we believe will help better us prepare our students for promising careers in the mathematical sciences and engineering industry.

Tutoring Schedule
Days Time Place Room
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 - 5:30 PM Percy Julian Science Building 312
Saturdays 9:00 - 12:00 PM Grace Jacobs 316


The over-arching goal of the CAMP program is to provide high-school students with an authentic college experience and view themselves as capable of doing college work. Coppin State University intends to achieve this goal by building learning support into class time and through effective group assignments. The proposed dual-enrollment program will allow high school students to take college courses and earn college credit on the campus of CSU, while satisfying their high school graduation requirement. The classes will be held towards the students last two periods of classes and extend to after- school hours. The classes will be a mix of college and high school students and will be taught by a CSU college professor. While dual enrollment has historically focused on high-achieving students, this program is focused on students from underrepresented groups in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM). Through a thoughtful sequencing of dual enrollment courses, combined with appropriate student support services, this program is intended to have a strong positive influence on students who are disengaged from high school and lacking the confidence needed to plan for college. The dual enrollment initiative involves many individuals from CSU, Carver Vocational Technical High School(Carver), Coppin Academy High School and Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy. Focusing on STEM so early in student careers will help motivate them through applied learning and help them see pathways through college to employment.

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