1. Skilled in managing grants  (policy decisions, award process, budgeting, operation and monitoring) for research and special programs.
  2. Expertise in advanced research (quantitative and qualitative) and data analysis skills; proficient in fact-finding research writing.
  3. Possess education and experience in curriculum development, instruction and assessment issues in k-12, and higher education
  4. Have skills in office program design, training and evaluating program effectiveness against its goals and objectives.
  5. Possess effective negotiations and communication skills to work with people, and have leadership skills to supervise and manage the program and/or departmental operation.
  6. Skilled in teaching students mathematics, mostly at undergraduate level.
  7. Competent in public speaking and making presentations.
  8. Possess grant proposal-writing skills.
  9. Possess skills of Internet and defense data system (e.g., IDS of DMDC, DIOR etc.) searches on various issues relating to military families, training and dependents' education.
  10. Efficient in using Microsoft Office on Windows  -- Excel, Word & power point, Web design software (Microsoft Front Page and Adobe Photoshop) and writing mathematical equations using Word Perfect (also, used other mathematics software at work). Excellent aptitude for computer and other net-technology use in professional tasks. Proficient in Internet use - Web page, E-mail, Search Engines and digital camera use.
  11. Possess knowledge in DoD (Military & Civilian)  Family Policy, Community Support Policy, and Higher Education Issues.