Mathematical Models of Turbine Blades & Ed. Technology


                 Published several research papers in refereed journals and proceedings such as: 

                  The Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, The Journal of Structural Engineering, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, Modeling and Simulation Based Engineering Vol. II , Tech Sc. Press, 1998 ( ISBN 09657001-2-7). Proceedings of Computational Mechanics' 1995, Springer-Verlag Berlin Publication (ISBN 3 50 59114 1), ICES'97 Proceedings, Tech. Science Press, Georgia (ISBN 0 96 570001 0 0 ), and The Journal of Aeronautical Society of India. A more detailed list of publications will be supplied, if needed. 


                   Have presented research papers and delivered invited talks in various international, national and regional meetings of professional societies. A list of presentations will be supplied, if needed. 

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