A Sharecropping Contract, 1886


This contract made and entered into between A. T. Mial of one part and FennerPowell of the other part both of the County of Wake and State of North Carolina-

Witnesseth-That the Said Fenner Powell hath barganed and agreed with the Said Mial to work as a cropper for the year 1886 on Said Mial's land on the land now occupied by Said Powell on the west Side of Poplar Creek and a point on the east Side of Said Creek and both South and North of the Mial road, leading to Raleigh, That the Said Fenner Powell agrees to work faithfully and dilligently with-out any unnecessary loss of time, to do all manner of work on Said farm as may be directed by Said Mial, And to be respectful in manners and deportment to Said Mial. And the Said Mial agrees on his part to furnish mule and feed for the same and all plantation tools and Seed to plant the crop free of charge, and to give theSaid Powell One half of all crops raised and housed by Said Powell on Said land except the cotton seed. The Said Mial agrees to advance as provisions to Said Powell fifty pound of bacon and two sacks of meal pr month and occationally Some flour to be paid out of his the Said Powell's part of the crop or from any other advance that may be made to Said Powell by Said Mial. As witness our hands and seals this the16th day of January A.D. 1886

Witness                                                            A. T Mial [signed]        [Seal]


W. S. Mial [signed]                                           Fenner X Powell         [Seal]




This document can be found in the Alonzo T. and Millard Mial Papers, North Carolina Division of Archives and History.  Ellicott ed.  Major Problems in The American South, vol. 1 (Lexington: D.C. Heath and Company, 1993)